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Heartland Alliance of America is proud to announce the addition of a new benefit to the membership portfolio. The eligible Members (ages 18-65) will now enjoy $5,000 of Accident Medical Expense (after $1,000 deductible) Insurance coverage.

This beenfit pay sin excess of any other insurance coverage you may have for the expenses you are charged by a hospital, doctor, or certain other charge tso, au mpaximum of $5,000 if you a injured in a covered accident. Subject to a $1,000 deductible, terms, definitions, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the group policy. Provided by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company under policy for MP1400 (or 1300) issued to Heartland Alliance of America.

Policy Form Disclosure for GTL:

Accident Medical Expense is issued on Form Series MP1400 (or 1300). This product and its features are subject to state availability and may vary by state. Certain exclusions and limitations may apply.

Rate Information for GTL:

The following rates apply for coverage underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company as part of your membership in the Heartland Alliance of America. The rate is: $11.07 per month.